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We have recently developed our Prepaid Group Legal Services Plan, a particularly cost-effective way for parents of special needs children to obtain individual legal advice in a group format that provides parents with step-by-step training and advice on how to access special education services for their children, but without the high cost of an attorney directly communicating with a school district. This format has been developed for:
  • An existing organizations of parents, or local chapter of such organization, that is already organized to provide assistance to parents, such as Associations of Retarded Citizens, Learning Disability Associations, or Parent Advocacy Groups.
  • An existing organization of parents who are already organized around a common disability, or geographic locations, as a result of frustrations in obtaining appropriate services for their children.
  • An informal group of parents who would like to more formally organize in order to maximize their resources in their struggle to obtain appropriate services from a local school district.

See Prepaid Group Legal Services Plan .

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