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Regional Centers are publicly funded agencies in California that provide public services for individuals, birth through adulthood, who are "Developmentally Disabled." A person is developmentally disabled if they have Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Epilepsy, and conditions similar to mental retardation. Such conditions must originate before the age of 18, constitute a substantial handicap, and are expected to last indefinitely. If your child has a developmental disability, he or she may be entitled to significant support services and placement, furnished and paid for by the Regional Centers of California.

Regional Centers are obligated to find all developmentally disabled persons eligible for Regional Center Services and develop a plan called an "Individual Program Plan [IPP]", which describes all services and program needs for your child. Regional Centers are then responsible for contracting for all services contained in the IPP.

We provide assistance to you and your child, including referrals to private assessment services in order to identify developmental disabilities and the specific needs of your child; assist you with the development of the IPP, including working with the Regional Center to expedite the process; and represent you and your child when there is a disagreement about eligibility, services, or placement. We provide assistance at informal meetings, mediations, administrative hearings and, if necessary, in court.


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