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Many children are disabled as a result of injuries at birth, brain damage, or other permanent injuries resulting from an accident, or medical malpractice.

In addition to the tragedy faced by the families of children who are disabled due to a catastrophic injury, there are many personal and financial challenges in insuring these children receive the best rehabilitation services. In order to lead productive and independent lives, it is important to access as many rehabilitation and educational services as possible, evaluate short and long term living arrangements, determine whether there are legal avenues regarding the injuries, and prepare for your child's financial security as he becomes an adult.

Our firm can provide the following assistance to the families of such children:
  • Helping you obtain governmental assistance in the form of special education services (see Section on Special Education) and/or Regional Center services (see Section on Regional Center Services). Services through these governmental agencies may include:

    • Neuro-cognitive rehabilitation services to assist recovery from brain damage

    • Residential services if a child or adult is unable to function at home

    • Vocational rehabilitation services

    • Individualized education targeted to address the child's needs

  • Helping families and their personal injury attorney maximize structured or other monetary settlements by obtaining government funding for services that would otherwise drain income from the settlement.

  • Helping parents of children disabled from injuries or medical malpractice to determine whether a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate and, if so, obtaining counsel who understands the complex and emotional issues involved and can insure the legal system provides a solution rather than a new problem.
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